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What are Rubber Bands for Braces? With the advice of orthodontists, you will learn how to use Rubber Bands for Braces.We explain all of them in our article.

Gums for braces treatments

Fixed braces (“fixed braces”) are a popular way to correct misaligned teeth. “Braces rubber” is a term that comes up particularly often in the context of treatment.

But what exactly does this mean, how’re the rubbers (“elastics”) used, and what function do they fulfil?

Fixed braces consist of different parts: brackets made of metal (as with the free braces ), ceramic or plastic glued to the tooth surfaces, and a wire. This is attached to the brackets by means of smaller wires, consisting of very soft and thin metal ligatures. Braces rubbers, also called elastics, can be used herein such a way that they connect wire and bracket instead of ligatures and thus help to move the tooth in question to its correct position. In contrast to this, self-ligating brackets usually do not require rubber or wires, as these have a device to which the wire can be attached directly. In addition, it may be necessary that compression or tension springs are part of the braces. Finally, the entire appliance constantly exerts pressure on the teeth to be corrected to move them into the right place.

Even with the “invisible” or “transparent” braces, the Invisalign method with transparent aligners and no braces rubbers is required. Here, individually adapted plastic splints (aligners) exert targeted pressure on the teeth.

As a further application, the braces rubber can be positioned between the tooth and the fixed braces. The orthodontist can use this measure to move the teeth in the dental arch to their final position. This approach is used, especially for the final fine-tuning, and thus the rows of teeth close precisely at the end of the treatment (occlusion). The elastics are provided by the dentist for this purpose and must be changed regularly.


It is important to use the elastics exactly as the doctor explained to you as a patient – after all, you have to change them regularly and independently. It is recommended to swap every three hours; you also need to use new elastics before going to bed and after getting up. The rubbers are designed as single-use products – after a single use they must be disposed of. As a rule, the elastics do not have to be worn with the braces for the entire duration of the treatment – how long they have to be used is decided by the treating orthodontist.

However, it is imperative that they are worn consistently during the period determined by the orthodontist; otherwise, the duration of treatment may be unnecessarily extended.
Are you unsure how to use the braces rubbers exactly? The best thing to do is give us a call, and we will make an appointment to show you how to insert it correctly.

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What are Rubber Bands for Braces?

Rubber Bands for Braces allow the teeth to straighten faster.

Where can I find rubber bands for braces?

You can even buy it online, but we strongly recommend that you do use the tires recommended by your orthodontist.

My rubber bands for braces are breaking off. What will I do?

You should contact your doctor; they will take the right step according to your treatment path.

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