How Long Does Invisalign Take?

How long does Invisalign take ? This is the question that most people who research Invisalign treatment have in mind; let’s explain ‘How long does Invisalign take’ to you.

With the invisible braces, minor misalignments of the teeth can be corrected after approx. Seven months. More complex treatments take longer, on average, around 18 months. No matter how long the path to a dream smile maybe, with Invisalign, there is no impairment of daily life. Without any restrictions on your career.


Invisalign In Everyday And Professional Life

From a professional point of view, many patients cannot risk being bothered by fixed braces. In traditional orthodontics, techniques are still used today that can lead to limitations in speaking. This can quickly become a stumbling block for a career where demeanor and presence are very important. That’s why Invisalign has found a way with modern splint technology to perform a tooth correction gently but just as effectively as old-fashioned fixed braces.

Normal Eating Behavior Despite Braces

Another everyday problem for patients with fixed braces is the restriction when eating or the time-consuming cleaning of the braces afterward. This problem is history with the invisible rails. Before eating, you take out the splints, clean your teeth after the meal, and put the splints back on, like before the braces.

While it is very nice how quickly the results can be achieved, the time spent with the clear splints is uncomfortable. Since Invisalign does not restrict your everyday life in any way, the duration of the treatment is almost irrelevant.

Does invisible braces cause pain?

Many people postpone dental treatment because they fear the length of the treatment and the impairment it could cause. With invisible braces, all of these concerns are unfounded.
Often patients come to their dream smile after a few months. There are no restrictions in everyday life, and there is no longer any question of years of torture. That is why Invisalign is the best choice when it comes to uncomplicated and permanent tooth alignment.

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