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How Long Does Invisalign Take?

How long does Invisalign take ? This is the question that most people who research Invisalign treatment have in mind; let’s explain ‘How long does Invisalign take’ to you. With the invisible braces, minor misalignments of the teeth can be corrected after approx. Seven months. More complex treatments take longer, on average, around 18 months. No matter how long the path to a dream smile maybe, with Invisalign, there is no impairment of daily life. Without any restrictions on your career.   Invisalign In Everyday And Professional Life From a professional… Read More »How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Myths About Braces

Myths about braces.When it comes to medicine, nutrition, and lifestyles, there are always myths that persist in the short and long term. Of course, there are also myths and rumors about braces. * Limited Time Offer * Would you like to get a discount from orthodontists who are experts in their field? Leave a comment and check your mailbox when your comment is approved, we will get back to you.

How to fix Crooked Teeth without Wearing Braces?

How do you fix your crooked teeth without wearing braces? You can now correct your crooked teeth with invisible braces. Almost everyone has misaligned teeth. In some, they are more pronounced; in others less. In about a third of those affected, the misalignment of the teeth leads to health problems, for example: * Headache and earache, tense neck * Discomfort when swallowing or chewing, nocturnal teeth grinding, and TMJ disorders * Tooth and gum diseases such as tooth decay or periodontal disease * Phonetic disorders in which certain sounds cannot… Read More »How to fix Crooked Teeth without Wearing Braces?

Dogs With Braces, Dental Health in Dogs

Dogs with braces are just one of the questions that many of our visitors ask us. Dogs with braces, we explain in detail. Let’s not forget the health of our little friends. From a cosmetic problem to serious consequences for the dog’s health, misaligned teeth can be of different severity and require treatment. An under- or overbite or the misalignment of one or more teeth change the pressure conditions in the mouth with corresponding consequences: If, for example, the tips of the lower fangs (canine) are shifted inwards, there is… Read More »Dogs With Braces, Dental Health in Dogs

Braces Behind Teeth, What Is Invisible Braces?

Braces Behind Teeth, with the recent advancing technology, people no longer want braces to appear, instead, braces behind teeth. An invisible braces is a medical aid, with the inconspicuous can be corrected misalignments of the teeth and jaw. In contrast to the inconspicuous ceramic braces, the invisible braces sit behind the teeth. Different types of orthodontic device can be distinguished. Please find out more about invisible braces, when to use them and what risks they pose. Fixed invisible braces The so-called Incognito braces are fixed, invisible braces attached lingually (on… Read More »Braces Behind Teeth, What Is Invisible Braces?

Straighten Teeth Without Braces, Latest Information

Straighten teeth without braces, people with a misalignment ask themselves whether. Fortunately, there are a few methods that can be used to straighten an imperfect row of teeth. Straighten teeth without braces, let’s come in explain. The Essentials in Brief * The best-known alternatives to braces include aligners, lingual braces, palatal expansions and retainers. * Only a specialist can show which methods are suitable for straightening the teeth in an individual case. * Statutory health insurance companies only guarantee standard care. Supplementary dental insurance can, therefore be worthwhile. Straight Teeth:… Read More »Straighten Teeth Without Braces, Latest Information

How Do Braces Work ? We Explain in Detail !

How do braces work? Anyone who wants to know about “how do braces work” asks this question. Braces are intended to improve individual teeth and the upper and lower jaw about one another. Fixed braces remain in the mouth until the end of the treatment. Good dental care is then particularly important. How do fixed braces work? Fixed braces usually consist of bands and eyelets made of metal – so-called brackets – and an archwire. The archwire runs around the row of teeth like a railing. It is held in place… Read More »How Do Braces Work ? We Explain in Detail !

How to Whiten Teeth with Braces?

How to Whiten Teeth with Braces? This is one of the problems that wearers of braces suffer from. If you went to google and searched for “how to whiten teeth with braces?” question, you are in the right place, let’s explain. Do you wear braces and fear that your teeth will turn yellow? In their teens, many need braces. Braces straighten the teeth and help against jaw misalignments. But many braces wearers quickly suffer from yellow teeth, because of course the teeth cannot be cleaned as well with braces as… Read More »How to Whiten Teeth with Braces?

Wax For Braces? Information Specific to 2021

Wax for braces? We have compiled the answer to the question that everyone frequently asked: Wax for braces is used to prevent wounds. There they are now the new braces. Whether it is firm or loose – it is a foreign body in the mouth that rubs and pinches and interferes with speaking – even the teeth hurt like hell. It gets really bad when there are pressure and sore spots. Open areas and small sores on the inside of the cheeks and lips, gums, and tongue can be extremely… Read More »Wax For Braces? Information Specific to 2021